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rugged mobile phones uk--Runbo X5 defying Beijing rainstorm three anti-cell phone must be developed as a new trend

Posted on June 22 2013

    rugged mobile phones uk--Beijing's heavy rainfall led to a city's drainage system failures, one time the capital to become a sea, road congestion, office workers trapped car was soaked, the more people regret and sorrow are 37 people in this storm, unfortunately, killed. Beijing residents in the rain the same boat, manned free, voluntary rescue, microblogging notice, mutual help people especially recollections.
After a rain, in grief, we should have more reflection。

Three anti-mobile phone means that in heavy rain, earthquakes and other extreme circumstances than the average consumer phone has better reliability,
 especially professional-grade three anti-mobile phone Runbo X5 features a very simple and have the ability to work reliably, and with high-sensitivity GPS and automatic help function,
 the key moment to play the biggest role to facilitate accurate and efficient implementation rescue.

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